Lost Baggage

Lost Baggage Protection Service Terms and Conditions for FlyLux365

Service Overview: FlyLux365 provides a Lost Baggage Protection service to assist passengers in locating and recovering mishandled checked bags on their behalf. This service is applicable only to checked baggage and does not cover carry-on baggage. FlyLux365 expedites the return process for mishandled checked baggage.

Compensation Policy:

  • FlyLux365 guarantees a payment of $2,000 for each bag (up to 2 bags per passenger) not found within 96 hours after completing the Lost Baggage Protection claims form with FlyLux365.

  • This service is exclusive to flights listed within the airline confirmation number. Separate products must be purchased for each airline confirmation number if multiple flights are booked separately.

  • If baggage retrieval is unsuccessful within 96 hours of the initial report, FlyLux365 will pay the satisfaction guarantee payment of $2,000 per bag (up to 2 bags per passenger). This payment is applicable only to passengers with an active Lost Baggage Protection service under their name, matching the name on the lost baggage.

Conditions and Limitations:

  • The Lost Baggage Protection service is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • In the case of voluntary flight changes or cancellations, passengers must purchase a new service for the new flight, not covered by the original service.

  • Theft or damage to baggage and its contents are not covered at any time, including after the baggage has been returned to the passenger.

  • If a wrong bag is delivered, proof of the delivery receipt is required. FlyLux365 has an additional 96 hours to locate the correct bag from the initial delivery time or from the time the incorrect delivery is reported.

Responsibilities of the Passenger:

  • A claim must be filed with the airline first when discovering lost bags. A tracking number from the airline must be obtained before contacting FlyLux365.

  • Lost or delayed bags must be reported to FlyLux365 by calling or emailing Customer Support. The 96-hour period starts after completing the Lost Baggage Protection claims form.

  • When filing a lost baggage protection report, all information must be accurate. Inaccurate entries, including mistaken passenger names and incorrect airline details, will void the claim. Only flights listed under the airline confirmation number issued by the airline qualify for the service and satisfaction guarantee payment.

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