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Conditions of Contract and Important Notices - FlyLux365

Please carefully review the regulations outlined below. Kindly note that the purchase of this ticket implies your acceptance of these rules and restrictions.

Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention: Passengers with an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of departure are informed that international treaties, including the Montreal Convention or its predecessor, the Warsaw Convention (the Warsaw Convention System), may apply to the entire journey. These conventions may govern and limit the liability of the carrier.

Notice of Liability Limitations:

  • The Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention system may be applicable, limiting the liability of air carriers for death, bodily injury, loss, damage, or delay.

  • Specific limits of liability are outlined, and passengers are encouraged to inquire about applicable limits for their journey.

Time Limit for Action: Any action in court to claim damages must be initiated within two years from the date of aircraft arrival or the date it should have arrived. Baggage claims require written notice within 7 days for damage and 21 days for delay.

Notice of Contract Terms Incorporated by Reference: Your contract of carriage with FlyLux365 is subject to this notice, any carrier notices or receipts, individual terms and conditions, related rules, regulations, and policies, and applicable tariffs. If your journey involves multiple carriers, different terms may apply for each.

Conditions may include but are not restricted to:

  • Liability limits for bodily injury or death.

  • Liability limits for loss, damage, or delay of goods and baggage.

  • Rules for declaring higher baggage value and associated fees.

  • Application of conditions and liability limits to the acts of carrier agents, servants, and representatives.

  • Claims restrictions and time limits for filing.

  • Rules about reservations, check-in times, the carrier's right to refuse carriage, and more.

Denied Boarding: In the case of flight overbooking, passengers may be asked to voluntarily give up their reservation in exchange for compensation. Compensation rules are available at airport ticket counters. Denied boarding involuntarily may entitle passengers to compensation.

Baggage: Excess valuation may be declared for certain items, and carriers may apply special rules for fragile, valuable, or perishable articles. Baggage allowances and charges vary, and passengers are advised to check with the carrier.

Special Baggage Liability Limitations for US Travel: For domestic travel wholly between US points, federal rules mandate a minimum baggage liability limit of US$3400.00 per passenger.

Check-In Times: Departure time is not the same as check-in or boarding times. Carriers may refuse carriage if passengers are late. Check-in and boarding times are as advised by the carrier.

Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Materials): Dangerous goods must not be packed in checked or cabin baggage except as specifically permitted. Check with your carrier for specific restrictions and guidelines.

Your understanding and compliance with these conditions contribute to a safe and smooth travel experience with FlyLux365.

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